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Cross media - Carta e Web per una comunicazione più efficace   Paper and web
for a more effective
How many times we would like to propose on Internet what we already have on paper? Or again to be able to transmit a message the limits of one unique medium?

This book describes how and why it is important to think about publication in a new way, which allows the diffusion of any contents on any media, mixing their potential. Between who have the need to spread information and who is looking for them or gets them, the relation can become more efficient if we manage to operate with a synergy of instruments.

Discussing deeply arguments like the semantic structuring of contents, the separation of form and contents, the separation of roles and duties between authors and designers, it is explained hoe to make content accessible to the final user, combining paper and web efficiently

We analyze, through practical and useful terms, all the soft ware instruments available on the market, which allow the creation of a rich content, that is clever and useful to a simple multichannel publication. Practical and intuitive examples besides realistic prototypes, allow the reader to try the technicis and the concepts showed in the theoretical section.

Some of various topic discussed in the book
Analisys and structuration of contents to be published

formalization of contents in XML through Schema and DTD (created with XMLSpy)

crestion of contents ready for a Cross Media publication

analisys of most convenient file formats

analisys of the inclination to cross media of the main applications available: Xpress, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, Corel Draw, GoLive, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, XMLSpy

how and what to publish on which media, to exploit completely their potentials. To understand the peculiarities of paper and web, paying attention to the speed of the fruition oh the media.

comprehension oh the level of “how much publishable” an element of information can be

from the costumer, through the author, designer and administrator, straight to the user, when the information are properly runned the workflow becomes more efficient

– administration of informations about the company’s workers;
- a manual for same products with high technology in Multilanguage: to think about Italian and go quickly to French, English or Spanish in …differentiated according to the kind of user;
- a catalogue of chairs, spread by paper, in many versions more oriented to marketing or to the technical needs, but also on web and on palmtop devices

PostScript and PDF
to understand how these formats are very close to HTML and how follow the XML workflow


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